Blogpost overzicht

Voorbereiding: wat een gedoe!

Thank you for flying Delta! 

Orientation week: Getting to know each other

There is a first time for everything: classes, homework, ice hockey, salsa.. etc

Shred the gnar bitches! and Thursty Thursdays

Do the pinguin walk and Creme brûlée snow

Chicks with picks and smiling!

Crawdads and midterms

Vegas, baby. Vegas!

Windy and Cold,, but still Awesomeness! 😀

Sports, Movies and Fashion

Springbreak: Go Big or Go Home!

American Week: March Madness, Real Salt Lake, Bars and Holi Festival Of Colors

Wendover: Mini Vegas and Polaroids

Arches and Skull Rock: Not Once But Twice!!

Concerts, Pizza, Study and Party!

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